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Council Bluffs IA Chiropractor : Total Care Chiropractic

Delivering quality chiropractic care to the Council Bluffs community since 2004.

Total Care Chiropractic is a family oriented practice offering both relief and wellness care for athletes, adults and adolescents. The primary focus of our practice is condition-based care (getting the patient out of pain). Council Bluffs IA Chiropractor, Dr. Woods explains treatment options to patients serving them where they need to be served.

Here at Total Care Chiropractic we strive to provide our patients with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We also utilize the latest technology, nutritional support, exercise, rehab, and massage to help our patients achieve a “pain free” state as quickly as possible

The Team at Total Care Chiropractic

Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice, we are here to help!

Our purpose as a Council Bluffs IA Chiropractor is to treat you as a valued member of our family

“As a Chiropractor in Council Bluffs my hope was to create an extended family environment for my patients. I like to take the time necessary to get to know my patients and during that time I’ve found I’ve become a better doctor, person and friend,” states, Dr. Woods.

All patients originally come to our Council Bluffs Chiropractic office for pain motivated reasons, however during the journey of resolving their pain we get to know other aspects of their lives and help them address issues more globally such as stress reduction, weight management, allergy management, and exercise.

We are known in the community as an acute care practice– getting you out of pain as soon as possible and back to living your life as you would like.

We treat people of all ages here in our Council Bluffs practice, including adolescents, athletes, professionals and the elderly. We really enjoy helping patients who want to improve their overall health. This includes eating healthier, exercising, drinking water and reducing their overall stress. We find those are the patients who get the best results.

“My dream would be that our community would have no obesity, no diabetes, be stress-free, allergy-free, and happy as individuals and in their relationships–thanking the lord for their fortunes. I believe this is attainable,” states Council Bluffs IA Chiropractor, Dr. Woods.

While it may be convenient to take muscle relaxers, pain medicine or resort to drastic surgery, chiropractic care is a far wiser choice.

Fooling your body with medication won’t actually fix the problem. And physical therapy merely increases your tolerance to pain. Instead, chiropractic adjustments are quite effective in relieving the nerve irritation that is actually the source of the problem.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or know someone who is, don’t wait! Neglected spinal problems worsen and rarely resolve on their own. Delaying action often makes correction more difficult later.

Call our Council Bluffs Chiropractic office to schedule an appointment. A thorough examination can reveal if you are a good candidate for today’s safe and natural chiropractic care. Or, arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss your problem and get your questions answered.

Total Care Chiropractic | (712) 329-1863
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