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Weight Loss in Omaha, Nebraska

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Keto, Mediterranean, intermittent fasting. There is no shortage of diets out there to help people get their scales to budge. If you’ve tried seemingly every diet under the sun and haven’t been able to shed those stubborn pounds, we offer an effective and natural solution at Total Care Chiropractic’s sister clinic: Omaha Weight Loss!

Omaha Weight Loss is situated in Omaha-Council Bluffs Metropolitan Area.

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A Natural, Safe & Supervised Approach

Unlike synthetic alternatives, their weight loss program relies on natural peptides found in the body. We prioritize whole, nutritious foods over synthetic compounds, avoiding the potential side effects of other weight loss methods. Their commitment to safety is reinforced by the supervision provided by the experienced team.


Schedule your Free Consultation and receive a Complimentary InBody570 Scan!

Get Ready to Love Your Scale Again

Take that first step toward achieving your weight loss goals and feeling fantastic. Contact Omaha Weight Loss today to book a consultation!


Weight Loss | Omaha, Nebraska | (531) 600-0950