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Reviews for Total Care Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Total Care Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Dr. Denise Woods

  • My first appointment was wonderful. Very professional service, comfortable tables, and soothing environment. I highly recommend Dr. Woods.

    -Diane F.
  • I felt very comfortable with the Dr. I felt she was very honest with me about my problems. I will be back at a later date.

    -Ray W
  • Dr. Woods was very easy to talk to. Would not want to go anywhere else.

    -Jeb B.
  • I have worked with other chiropractors, but Dr. Woods it the best I have found. I really appreciate the help she has given me with my back problems.

    -Elaine R.
  • I was impressed with my first visit. The staff and doctor seemed to understand my problem and gave me an explanation of treatment that I could understand. I can’t wait for my next visit, my condition has improved more in one visit than with several visits from my previous chiropractor!

    -Lyle M.
  • Thank your for taking me on as a patient. I have great confidence in your treatment for me.

    -Cheryl H.
  • Thank you Dr. Woods. The staff are very nice, office is homey and very comfortable.

    -Sara J.
  • I felt Dr. Woods was up front with me about possible outcomes. After the first visit, I could already tell a difference in my lower back. Very happy so far!

    -Melinda A.
  • It wasn’t painful at all and actually felt very good and relaxing.

    -Renee G.
  • Thank you for helping me feel better!!

    -Mary F.
  • This is an outstanding chiropractic facility whose focus is on the individual client. I will be referring Dr. Woods to everyone!

    -Mindy T.
  • I recommend this practice!

    -Katherine C.
  • Highly recommend you to all that need care. I had an amazing experience and have grown confident in your place of business. You were able to get me to where I need to be. Thank You.

    -Colleen L.
  • My first adjustment relieved a knot in the middle of my back that has been there for over twenty years. Though it was tender for a few days afterward, the real pain was gone and my back has never felt better!

    -Brett G.
  • Looks like a perfect fit for what I am looking for in a chiropractor.

    -Jim C.
  • Going to my first visit I was very skeptical about Chiropractors. After my first visit with Dr. Woods, I was very much at ease and felt she went above and beyond taking her time to explain how the body works, and how she could help. I left very confident that Dr. Woods and Total Care Chiropractic was where I needed to be to get the help I needed with my back. Her staff is awesome!

    -Kathleen P.
  • I would not go anywhere else!!

    -Bryan H.
  • Very relaxing. I was very nervous/hesitant to see a Chiropractor but my first visit was amazingly relaxing and stress free! Will recommend your clinic to anyone!

    -Angela L.
  • I absolutely loved the care and advice from Dr. Woods. From the moment I walked in the door, it was very welcoming!

    -Josephine W.
  • After one visit I felt incredible that you so much!

    -Roger S.
  • Everyone was pleasant. My first visit was awesome.

    -Kevin S.
  • This appointment was awesome! Can’t hardly believe it. Quick. Painless. Have felt great since. My MD in Omaha and his Nurse referred me and said I would be so happy with Dr. Woods. I didn’t really believe them. They were spot on! I really am amazed and relived of pain. Thank you!! I will be back for future needs. And, I have already told a handful of folks how great you are!

    -Angela B.
  • I would like to thank everyone during my recent visit I had been diagnosed with bells palse yon the left side of my face the staff was very comforting and reassuring I say improvement to my eye on the first visit thank you again.

    -Nanci R.
  • It was all great. I am hopeful that a positive outcome will occur. It is Denise’s professionalism that gives me hope. Merci beaucoup for a positive first visit.

    -Daniel K.
  • Everything was great thank you.

    -James R.
  • Very happy with everything in your office. No headache tonight!

    -Connie S.
  • These ladies are great From start to finish! Very professional, knowledgeable, and explains things very well. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. On a different note they have a great sense of humor. When your in pain it certainly helps. Thanks ladies!

    -Lisa P.
  • I feel so much better!

    -Lisa L.
  • I’m so thankful I was referred to your office! You’re extremely knowledgeable in your field and I’m confident you are going to be able to fix my pains & also my sons!

    -Cindy W.

Excellent Staff and Doctor

Excellent staff and doctor. They listened to my problems. The doctor is very thorough and gave great instructions. Very personalized and not the same treatment or style for everyone. Also (the treatment) was very private. I liked the privacy of rooms and not being seen or treated in an open space with others around. I loved it and looking forward to my next visit.

Sandy G.

Pain Free Lifestyle

Very happy I was referred to your office. My entire first impression/experience was amazing. It wasn’t like any other chiropractor I’ve been to in the past. I really do have confidence I can become and maintain a pain free lifestyle. Looking forward to my next visit.

Michael D.


Thanks so much for taking time to ask questions and explain what & why things are happening. The useful tips are amazing. The environment is very nice & relaxing. Love the personal touch. I would refer anyone with pain. Thanks!!

Tammy N.

Glad I Came

Glad I came and I will be back, thank you!

Lori B.

Absolutely Great Experience

Absolutely great experience. Felt like coming in to see friends. I completely love that there is not a push to commit to a recurring appointment schedule. That actually makes me want to come back. Not one negative part about it. I will refer anyone I know in need of care.

Laura C.

Nice And Helpful

Thanks for making me feel better. The staff there was very nice and helpful, a very relaxed feeling in the waiting area and examining room for treatment.

Ricky S.

Definitely Recommend

Would definitely recommend Total Care to other friends and family!

Amanda K.

Professional And Knowledgeable

Very professional and knowledgeable staff. Very comfortable environment highly recommend to friends and family.

Jill H.

Great Experience

Great experience so far, and look forward to future appointments. I especially like that you gave me activities to do at home and the flexibility to schedule on an as needed basis rather than being pushed to come in multiple times. Thank you for your help!

Lauren L.

Totally Satisfied

Totally satisfied with the service and staff. Great care and I would highly recommend Total Care to anyone in need of back pain relief.

Mark S.


It was amazing. Not a traditional chiropractor where they think they need to see you for several days a week for the rest of your life. This place was awesome, staff was great. I will recommend it to anybody, thanks for the help.

Melissa R.

Very Professional

The entire staff was more than helpful and very professional in determining where the misalignment of my spine was with an extensive exam along with a few x-rays. Dr. Denise was able to adjust me before I left the office, and the relief was instant! I have found my new chiropractor.

Christine Z.

Great Results

I’ve relocated from San Diego, California and been seeing my NUCCA/orthospinology chiropractor since 1996 and have great results with that type of treatment. Along with lasers, and ultrasound and manipulation it’s kept me healthy. Since moving to Omaha area I’ve tried a few different chiropractors without the results. The old school chiropractic adjustments don’t work on me and my neck/back can’t handle bone crushing type adjustments. I’m thankful to have found Dr. Woods. I’m excited to be a patient of Dr. Woods and look forward to continued successful treatment from her.

Karen M.


Dr. Woods was great and knew exactly what was wrong with me. The staff was friendly and prompt. My overall experience was excellent and I would refer anyone to you guys. Thanks so much for your help, I feel great!

Anna S.

Well Trained

Besides being well trained and competent Dr Woods is authentic and cares about us. I was greatly helped by her expertise and even more by her extra help and information on exercise and natural products.

Sally A.


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