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When Results are Slow

Sometimes chiropractic doesn’t produce the instant results we have come to expect from drug treatment. Here are some possible explanations why the natural, chiropractic approach can take longer.

Why am I not getting any better?

Many who begin care in our office have expectations based on the ‘fast, fast relief” promised by the latest drug advertising. If the slow pace of your recovery concerns you, let us know! Here are some possible explanations:

Missed Visits

We base our recommendations on the results we’ve seen in others with similar health challenges. Each visit builds on the one before. Consistency helps create the momentum for healing. For healing to be effective when utilizing a natural approach, we must first “set the stage”. God gave our bodies the ability to heal themselves, however, that process sometimes gets off track. It is our job to properly “set the stage” for the healing process.

Lack of Resolve

Healing is a process that takes time. The amount varies from person to person. Your care may vary depending on your results which is why, at Total Care Chiropractic, we constantly monitor and make changes during the healing process. We want to find the healing process that works best for you! Reversing chronic, long-standing problems can be especially difficult to resolve, especially since you’re doing the healing not us.

Outside Activities

Are you doing something between office visits that interferes with your progress? Over-exertion, repetitive motions, heavy lifting, turning and bending are common culprits.

There are many lifestyle choices that inhibit optimal health. What are you doing to support the care you receive in our office? Are you drinking more water, getting the proper rest and improving your nutrition? Extra weight and tobacco use diminish your recuperative ability.


Occasionally, we see folks who have tried everything and see us as their last resort. They’ve been disappointed many times so they resist getting their hopes up. This is a surefire way to slow your recovery! Mind over matter! A positive outlook ALWAYS facilitates the healing process.

Continued Stress

Most health problems result from an inability to cope with or adapt to physical, chemical or emotional stresses. If you’re still experiencing the original stress that caused your problem, naturally, progress will be slow.

We don’t understand why but we know that sustained negative stress hinders healing.

Spiritual Blocks

Assuming a victim mentality or embracing a sense of powerlessness is not helpful. Even more common is an unwillingness to forgive the driver of the other car or to forgive yourself. Again, mind over matter. Look to the future and focus on healing rather than dwelling on the circumstances that got you into pain in the first place.


We may need to refer you to another specialist. We have excellent working relationships with other practitioners who can see your situation from a fresh perspective. Your health and well-being are our primary interests. If you are not responding to care as anticipated then we will not hesitate to refer you to either a specialist, your family MD or for additional studies such as an MRI.

If we are not meeting your expectations, let us know so we can respond appropriately and help you get the results you deserve.

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